About ColoPulse

Company Overview

We're a small company, with big experience.

  • The industry's most advanced data center search provider.

  • Experienced and accurate consulting source.

  • A publisher, aggregator and supplier of industry-leading data.

  • Trusted advisor to the world's largest enterprises and entrepreneurial startups to acquire colocation and data center space.

ColoPulse, founded in 2010, is built on a longstanding history in the data center and IT space industry. The vision behind ColoPulse is to make the founders' expertise available to a broader audience. Searching for colocation or data center space and obtaining the necessary information to evaluate a project is often a complicated process. Furthermore, getting pricing and processing a transaction with multiple colocation operators, is not an easy process. At ColoPulse, we believe it should be. That's why we created a system with the most up-to-date information - from the cost of power, natural disasters, and tax implications to free cooling availability, airport information and detailed information on the major colocation facilities in the country (global, regional, and local operators).

With an introduction to data centers in the late 90's, we have worked on some of the first carrier hotels. Growing up with the data center industry and through the dot com era, the ColoPulse leadership have witnessed the evolution of the industry and technology in driving the infrastructure and worked on data center projects across the country and specialize in the site selection processes.

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